OWENS: It’s Time To Stop Apologizing.

If you get all your news from establishment sites, you’ll find a Candace who’s always on the defense, angry, outraged, upset. But that just couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister. People I’ve worked with have frequently told me they’re surprised to discover that I have a sense of humor, yet humor is one of the qualities that defines me. But the reality of who I am has been completely stripped away in this age of media propaganda that’s intent on casting people as either good or evil, woke or bigot.A growing number of people understand how this feels because it’s not just celebrities and people with high-profile social media pages who’ve found their true selves stripped away — whether by the media, social media, or woke scolds at work. Every few days we see a new viral story in which someone just minding their own business has been shoved into the brutal spotlight. They are not prepared to defend themselves against the onslaught, and so, we often see them cave to the cancel culture.

I just want to be myself. I just want to be who I am and not feel like I have to self-censor my speech and behavior and thoughts to appease the demands of a bullying culture. That’s what all of us want — to just be who we are. I see evidence of this daily. My followers have reached out to tell me that I’ve given them the permission to be themselves because I do so unapologetically.

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