Over 250 million people faced food insecurity in 2020 amid pandemic

by: Divina Ramirez

(Natural News) The coronavirus pandemic that rocked the globe last March has since dramatically altered the global economy, society and even humans’ very perception of time.

Worse, it has driven up to 265 million people to the brink of starvation. Writing for the nonprofit organization Truthout, Johannesburg-based journalist Robin Scher drew from recent reports to shed light on food insecurity amid the coronavirus pandemic.

One such report was released by the World Food Program (WFP) of the United Nations (UN) last April. Based on that report, some 265 million people living in low and middle-income countries would have faced acute food shortages by the end of 2020 “unless swift action is taken.”

WFP’s Chief Economist Arif Husain warned at the time that COVID-19 could be “catastrophic” for people who can only eat if they earn a wage.

But just months later, the world saw the worst economic recession since World War II. A UN report published last June found that the combined effect of the coronavirus pandemic and the global recession could disrupt the functioning of entire food systems and eventually result in dire consequences for health and nutrition.

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