NPR’s Mind-Rot Logic: Even the Truth Can Be Misinformation

Op-Ed by Ben Bartee

NPR is ostensibly concerned that American citizens still have access to independent media platforms which – despite rigged algorithms that favor “authoritative” corporate-state media outlets like NPR, MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN – still outperform competitors:

“An NPR analysis of social media data found that over the past year, stories published by the site Shapiro founded, The Daily Wire, received more likes, shares and comments on Facebook than any other news publisher by a wide margin… Even legacy news organizations that have broken major stories or produced groundbreaking investigative work don’t come anywhere close… In May, The Daily Wire generated more Facebook engagement on its articles than The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC News and CNN combined.”

NPR — which receives a third of its funding from corporate sponsors (and more indirectly through proxies likes its Foundation) as well as federal grant money from the US Department of Education, rendering it the epitome of “corporate-state media” – qualifies as a “legacy news organization” by any metric.

Of course, as propaganda outlets are wont to do, NPR cloaks itself in a veneer of objectivity with its excruciatingly monotone, vanilla-flavored commentary. In this way, rather than being perceived as the pushers of corporate-state narrative that they are, NPR crafts an image of public servants providing a public service out of altruistic concern for the public’s well-being.

The organization sets itself up, accordingly, in self-righteous opposition to ne’er-do-well upstarts that threaten their self-appointed position as the arbiters of truth.

In this role, the organization (in partnership with other corporate-state enterprises) previously enjoyed a near-monopoly on the dissemination of information to the American public; they had achieved the holy grail of narrative control, a mantle that went mostly unchallenged until the advent of the internet opened up lanes for new voices.

In an attempt to regain the narrative control slipping through its clenched fist like grains of sand, NPR turns, accordingly, to its old friend: cowardly, implied calls for censorship under the guise of combating “misinformation”:

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