New unelected “governor” of New York replacing unvaccinated health care workers with National Guard soldiers

Fascism is really heating up in New York as the National Guard is now being deployed to replace all of the hospital and nursing home workers who refuse to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Fill-in Gov. Kathy Hochul – Hochul was appointed, not elected, to the position of “governor” after sexual predator Andrew Cuomo was ousted – announced on Monday that New York National Guard troops are being sent to every facility across the state where health care employees are refusing the “Operation Warp Speed” injections, no matter their reason.

Since there are suddenly no longer enough doctors, nurses and other medical staff to care for patients, Hochul’s solution is to fill that void with National Guard troops – because why not?

Hochul invoked what she claims are legitimate emergency powers that allow her to hire government agents to take the place of actual medical professionals who know what they are doing in a health care setting. What this means is soldiers in fatigues will now be practicing medicine without a license in order to keep people “safe” against the “unvaccinated” health care workers they are replacing.

During her press conference, Hochul patted herself on the back for the move by claiming that it is “nation-leading.” She is quite proud of herself, in other words, for militarizing New York’s health care infrastructure under the guise of fighting a “pandemic.”

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