Netanyahu: Bennett pretends to be prime minister

Opposition leader slams government claims ‘every minister acts on his own without regard for Bennett.’

Benjamin Netanyahu

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday evening addressed the ’40 signatures’ discussion in the Knesset plenum, and sharply attacked the Bennett government.

“Bennett has no mandate, the citizens of Israel say that. After only three months as prime minister, being treated like an etrog by the media in a way that I don’t remember ever seeing before, Bennett barely passes the electoral threshold,” Netanyahu said in his opening remarks.

According to Netanyahu, “there has been no such thing in the history of the country that an incumbent prime minister swings like a leaf fluttering in the wind on the edge of the electoral threshold. Nor was there such a thing as taking power with six seats that were also gotten through fraud. The public simply does not buy this bluff, from someone who coaxed his way to the prime minister’s office, after he himself has declared that it is undemocratic to be prime minister even with ten seats. In this situation the public expresses unequivocal distrust in Bennett.”

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