Natural remedies for snapping yourself out of a dampened mental and/or physical state


One of the hardest things to do is to snap yourself out of the ‘funk.’ People tend to rely on others to help them, but if most people are in the same boat, that doesn’t always work out. On that note, there are many ‘natural remedies’ for ending (or at least circumventing) these senseless isolation “mandates” and returning yourself to normal, or better yet, happy and healthy (mentally and physically). Sometimes it’s really nice not to have to rely on others to save you from yourself. Make some minor changes to the ways you function and brighten up your lifestyle, starting right away. Here are some useful tips that are inexpensive and in some cases, totally free.

#1. Freshen up your environment (brighten home, clean house, fix up yard, deck or porch, buy some plants, etc.).

#2. Increase in-person social interactions.

#3. Clean up your food/beverage intake for more nutrition, less junk-science as an autumn ‘resolution’ instead of waiting for New Year’s Day.

#4. Ramp up your supplements, including mood-enhancing and dopamine-boosting superfoods like mucunamaca, and chaga.

#5. Start/develop hobby or leisure activity, alone or with a group, like cards, dancing, mahjong, painting or art (classes here could be fun also). Check your local library for classes and events!

#6. Change your aesthetic appearance to a new look, such as coloring your hair or changing the style, get new piercings, new jewelry, new clothes, tattoos, etc.

#7. Start/create a new exercise routine, possibly a class (like yoga, spin, cross-train, self-defense) for meeting new friends, establishing new positive relationships.

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