NASA and US government want to build a nuclear fission power plant for the moon that could sustain human life for 10 years, with the hope of eventually sending it to Mars

NASA and the U.S. government are looking for proposals on how to put a nuclear fission power plant on the moon with the goal of having energy on the moon that’s not reliant on the sun by the end of the decade.

NASA and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory formally put out a request for proposals from the public on Friday for a fission surface power system. 

In a collaboration between NASA and the nation’s top federal nuclear research lab, the two agencies are specifically looking to establish a source of power that does not rely on the sun or solar power for missions on the moon.

‘Providing a reliable, high-power system on the moon is a vital next step in human space exploration, and achieving it is within our grasp,’ Sebastian Corbisiero, the Fission Surface Power Project lead at the lab, said in a statement. 

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