MSNBC Demonizes Concerned Parents As ‘Radicalized’ ‘Far Right Threat’

Sunday night MSNBC went all out smearing parents in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Loudoun County as domestic terrorists. On Alicia Menendez’s American Voices, the MSNBC host and her far-left guest cruelly painted parents standing up to school boards, including a father whose daughter was allegedly raped by a transgender student on campus because of the schools’ liberal policies, as radical rioters who were like the January 6 “insurrectionists.”

Menendez set up the smear campaign against concerned parents with a graphic that read, “The Radicalized Right” in big bold letters at the bottom of the screen and “Threats of Violence” in the top corner. 

Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat running in the state’s gubernatorial race is facing backlash for saying parents don’t have a say in their child’s education. There has been uprisings from parents across the country, including in Virginia, over Critical Race Theory and transgender bathroom policies. Menendez complained that McAuliffe’s opponent, Glenn Youngkin, was seizing on that. She also repeated the media’s bald-faced lie that CRT ideology isn’t taught in K-12:

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