Most Americans consume products that wreck immune function, dopamine levels and organ cleansing abilities, thus fueling depression

Do you eat canola oil daily? Canola oil is found in most processed foods and it has been proven by research to cause depression, weight gain and even dementia. Start checking the labels on all edible products in your home and all the new ones you buy, and avoid canola oil at all costs.

Cigarettes and vape gadgets are nicotine delivery devices that provide an artificial crutch for your body to produce dopamine. Over time, your body produces less and less dopamine without the nicotine, driving feelings of depression. Start weaning yourself off the nicotine and boost dopamine production with natural remedies like mucuna pruriens.

Artificial sweeteners are known to cause depression and pollute your cleansing organs. Veer clear of aspartame and sucralose, two fake sugars that are made in laboratories and affect your body’s normal abilities to cleanse itself and keep the central nervous system balanced. Also, cut back or limit your intake of sugar and alcohol during the upcoming holidays. People tend to go overboard then.

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