More than 50 inmates killed in riots sparked by rival gangs clashing for control at three prisons in Ecuador

More than 50 inmates have been confirmed dead following a series of riots at three prisons in Ecuador, authorities announced.

The uprisings were reported Tuesday morning after several criminal groups battling for control inside the penitentiary systems clashed, the Ecuador National Police said via a statement. 

Images from the bloody carnage that were posted on social media showed several prisoners posing with the severed heads of their rivals while several bodies of dead inmates were lying on top of each other. A video recorded by a detainee also captured the gruesome moment a prisoner repeatedly stabbed another inmate with a butcher’s knife. 

At least 38 prisoners died during a rebellion in the B wing of the Turi Social Rehabilitation Center in the southern city of Cuenca, according to Ecuador’s Attorney General’s Office.   

The body of an inmate lies inside a cell at one of the three prisons in Ecuador where more that 50 detainees were killed