More than 1,000 people in Kentucky are evacuated over fears a dam could BURST as heavy rains see the worst flooding in the area for 60 YEARS

More than a thousand people have been evacuated from their homes over fears a Kentucky dam could burst following several days of strong storms.   

In Eastern Kentucky, Breathitt County Emergency Management issued a mandatory evacuation for people living in the Lakeside and Brewers Trailer Court areas near Panbowl Lake in Jackson, Kentucky, southeast of Lexington.  according to a Facebook post Tuesday afternoon. 

The National Weather Service warned that should the Kentucky Highway 15, that sits on top of the dam, completely give way, it could lead to flash flooding. 

Two state inspectors were said to be checking out the dam at Panbowl Lake in on Tuesday evening after reports of a failure. 

A hospital and nursing homes have also been evacuated along with about 1,000 people who lived in the horseshoe of the lake.