Medical fascists demanding total obedience to their lord and savior Fauci

After being presented with the violence idea by his colleague, Corden pretending to object to it, adding that he believes non-injected people should start being treated like second-class citizens and barred from participating in normal society.

“I think we should be done offering them things,” Karmel was heard shouting. “And we should start excluding them from things.”

“I think you are right, I actually do,” Corden responded. “But then how, the problem is there is no way to know that people aren’t lying about it.”

Karmel then interjected with, “Start bringing your card,” adding, “Let’s make that a normal thing. If you don’t bring your card, you can’t go to SeaWorld or whatever.”

In other words, if you refuse to modify your DNA with life-destroying poison in the name of “science,” then you deserve to be punished from living a “normal” life like everybody else.

All of this aligns with Tony Fauci’s agenda to mass vaccinate the entire world for the Chinese Virus, using force if necessary. These overlords care so much about our “safety” that they are willing to kill us in an attempt to keep us all “safe.”

Dove reportedly sponsored Corden’s completely unfunny bit. You can contact the company at this link to let them know your thoughts.

We also encourage you to never watch The Late Late Show or even visit the CBS website or social media page so as to avoid funneling clicks to this fascist operation.

“Faustus (Fauci) was a major player in the coup and should be brought before a tribunal who’ll read out the charges against him before sending him to GITMO,” wrote one Natural News commenter.

“This will all be over in just 14 days,” joked another, referencing the “two weeks to flatten the curve” narrative that was deployed last spring to warm up America to a total deep state takeover of pretty much everything.

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