Mark of the Beast Printout

Maybe the Importance of Taking That Special Mark Will be Somewhat Concealed

That is a real possibility. We will have to wait and see what the world authorities (the Beast system) says around that time. Since the devil is a master deceiver and he gives his power to the Antichrist, DO NOT BELIEVE his people will tell the full open truth.

MAYBE the report to the public about the Mark of the Beast will not be as clear as is stated in Rev. 13:16-18, – in order to buy or sell. However, it actually does say that in ID2020, “nonparticipants in this system would be UNABLE TO BUY OR SELL GOODS OR SERVICES“!

The more open reports have been that you need the vaccination (and the invisible quantum dot tattoo – the digital certificate that goes with the vaccination) to:

  • return as normal in society
  • function as before
  • carry on life as usual
  • go to work
  • attend a large gathering

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