Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines at LOCAL LEVEL just around the corner; fake and falsified “Full FDA Approval” vaccines just months away

If there has ever been more fake research, skewed statistics, falsified data, and manipulated “conclusions” published for any medicine than there has been for vaccines, please let it be known. From the fake polio vaccine to the mercury-loaded flu shots, more health detriment comes from inoculations than any other form of “medication,” thanks to the FDA (fraudulent drug approvals) and the CDC (center for disease creation).

Now that vaccine “hesitancy” (non-insanity) has more than 50% of Americans saying “absolutely not” to all Covid jabs, the fake, falsified and “Full FDA Approval” is coming next, to try to reassure the refusers that the blood-clotting, heart-inflaming deadly Covid inoculations are once again “safe and effective,” which means unsafe and defective. Their slogan is always the exact opposite of the dangers and the effects.

This fake “Full FDA Approval” will switch the Covid vaccines out of “medical experiment” mode and back their “local level” push for mandatory, gunpoint vaccination campaigns. This is what’s next, a local level push, because the gangster mafia DC thugs can’t seem to enforce their toxic jabs on gun owners and landowners who know better and aren’t “hesitant,” but rather 100% sure vaccines are nothing short of a death wish.

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