Mainstream “science” hates God, so of course it also hates the immune system He designed

Monday, December 28, 2020
by: Ethan Huff

It is important to note that even the WHO’s old definition of herd immunity fails to clearly delineate that it can be achieved when enough people within a population become naturally protected against a virus due to having reached a high enough threshold of “community” immunity. The new definition is even worse, though, as it exclusively attributes herd immunity to mass vaccination.

The WHO also now insists that there is no way to achieve herd immunity through natural exposure to a virus. Instead, the United Nations arm contends that people can only be “protected” from a virus by getting vaccinated, which has absolutely no basis in legitimate science.

Changing the definition in this way is the WHO’s attempt at rewriting hundreds of years of scientific understanding about immunity. It completely negates the reality that herd immunity can, and very easily could, eradicate the China Virus if only people were allowed to naturally encounter it while supporting their own immune systems.

This is what Sweden did, with notable success. Belarus did the same, even without socialistic distancing and mandatory mouth muzzles. These two countries will have eradicated COVID-19 without ever having to push vaccines on their populations, which is great considering the jabs are actively harming people and even giving them HIV.

“This is dangerous antiscientific drivel from the WHO,” tweeted someone named Christian Duncan who claims to be a surgeon. “Herd immunity is the reason that every animal in history has not died out from the many infectious diseases that surrounded them. For the overwhelming majority of that time, none had access to vaccines.”

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