Lunatic left-wing transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg wants to tax Americans for every mile they drive

Failed presidential wannabe Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden’s “transportation secretary,” has a new idea for curbing “global warming:” taxing Americans based on every mile they drive.

As a teaser for fake “president” Joe Biden’s upcoming infrastructure plans, Buttigieg announced that Hunter’s dad “spoke fondly of a mileage levy,” suggesting that the plan is already in the works.

“When you think about infrastructure, it’s a classic example of the kind of investment that has a return on that investment,” Buttigieg proudly stated.

“That’s one of many reasons why we think this is so important. This is a jobs vision as much as it is an infrastructure vision, a climate vision and more. A so-called vehicle-miles-traveled tax or mileage tax, whatever you want to call it, could be a way to do it.”

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