Loudon County Health Department refrained from alerting parents until after a parent blew the whistle on the local news

Finally, after enough parents freaked out and made the atrocity public, the county health department issued a statement instructing parents to consult with their pediatrician to see what to do next to save the child should adverse reactions kick into full gear. Bottom line is that negligence is negligence, and this is a vital time to not be negligent. There’s a reason these jabs have only had emergency approval for so long. There’s a reason children’s versions are greatly diluted.

What’s next? Will the pharmacies start prescribing children opioids “by accident” instead of aspirin for pain? Will everyone who wants a standard flu shot get a Covid jab instead “by accident?” An investigation has been opened about this atrocity at the Virginia pharmacy, but most likely, nothing will come of it. The vaccine industry and the Covid regime in Washington DC will surely keep their wrists from getting slapped too hard for this.

Believe it or not, Steve Kirsch, a famous tech guru and the “Infoseek” search engine inventor, already predicted this exact “event” would happen. He recently posted some research about how Pfizer was reformulating the children’s version of their mRNA jab at 1/3rd dose for FDA approval, but that, he said, may not be the “final version” the kids really get. If this clot shot is lethal for kids, looks like it’s back to secret hearings to pay off and shut up the vaccine injured masses, of which only a select amount can afford attorneys and have the courage to step forward.

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