Latest Chinese “gray zone” warfare plot to kill Americans involves large spike in shipments of tainted meat

by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) Most Americans are unaware that the Chinese Communist government is engaged in an unconventional “gray-zone” war against the United States that has, so far, resulted in close to one million Americans dead.

“The Gray Zone is characterized by intense political, economic, informational, and military competition more fervent in nature than normal steady-state diplomacy, yet short of conventional war. It is hardly new, however,” the National Defense University noted in a research paper published in January 2016. 

“The Cold War was a 45-year-long Gray Zone struggle in which the West succeeded in checking the spread of communism and ultimately witnessed the dissolution of the Soviet Union,” the paper continues. 

“To avoid superpower confrontations that might escalate to all-out nuclear war, the Cold War was largely a proxy war, with the United States and Soviet Union backing various state or nonstate actors in small regional conflicts and executing discrete superpower intervention and counter-intervention around the globe,” it adds.

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