King Abdullah: Status quo in Israeli-Palestinian conflict unsustainable

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, expected to address the UNGA next week, has been blunt that he does not support Palestinian statehood.

JORDAN’S KING ABDULLAH II listens during a meeting in Amman in May.
The status quo in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is unsustainable, Jordan’s King Abdullah told the UN General Assembly, as he called for a two-state resolution to the conflict.
“How many more children will die before the world wakes up?” Abdullah said on Wednesday in a pre-recorded message played at the opening session of the 76th UNGA in New York.
US President Joe Biden spoke to the UNGA on Tuesday of his support for a two-state resolution to the conflict, but said that “we’re a long way from that goal at the moment.”
Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who is expected to address the forum next week, has said bluntly that he does not support Palestinian statehood and has no intention to enter into negotiations for such a resolution.
Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority have pushed back at the idea of putting a resolution to the conflict on the back burner, warning that this would be a mistake.