Justice Brett Kavanaugh and His Family Are Fully Vaccinated, Yet Still Got COVID-19

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a statement on Friday that Justice Brett Kavanaugh was tested positive for COVID-19 and showed no symptoms. This is the first time the Supreme Court has made a statement about a sitting justice’s positive test result for COVID-19. Kavanaugh, his wife and daughter have been fully vaccinated for a while.

The justice himself, whose test result was ok before Monday’s meeting, participated in the Capital Challenge Road Race on Wednesday and was informed of the COVID-19 infection during a routine test on Thursday. The cause of the infection was not mentioned in the statement. He and his wife had to miss, according to the New Crown policy, the inauguration of Justice Barrett.

According to the COVID protocols, Kavanaugh’s close contacts, including court colleagues, will have to be tested and quarantined at home, and the Supreme Court case hearings, will be greatly affected.

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