Jon Ossoff In the newfound spirit of unity that China Joe continues to espouse, Ossof, a trust fund socialist, has stated at his campaign stops that Republicans and Trump supporters should be forced never to show their faces again.

Submitted by John Velisek
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In a video of a speech, Ossoff suggested that conservatives and Trump supporters wouldn’t be able to show their faces in public because of their political beliefs. His exact words were

“We need to send a message that if you indulge in this kind of politics, you’re not just going to get beaten. You’re going to get beaten so bad that you can never run or how our face in public.”

This is the strategy of “total politics” that the progressive socialists have undertaken to force upon this country. Just remember “Trust Fund Johnny” that no matter how hard you try to make it, you will never get rid of all of us. We have no fear when it comes to defending our country, and you could also be the first target.

And attempting to take our guns with the Bloomberg wish list that you support will not work either. Of course, you can declare yourself to be anti-gun because that would devastate your candidacy, so you have to lie and state that you are pro 2nd Amendment. He will take up the anti-gun cause, including siccing the IRS on organizations and people who are gun owners. He will follow Biden and Harris’s lead but will not make headway of taking away the rights guaranteed by our Founding documents to belong to the American patriots.

This from a man who has been financed by a Hong Kong media conglomerate supervised by the Chinese Communist Party and has spoken out against the protests in Hong Kong.

Ossoff is the CEO of a London based company that does investigative documentaries. In his financial statement, he failed to disclose that he had received $5000 from PCCW, a Hong Kong-based company and the largest telecom company in Hong Kong. Also not disclosed was that PCCW is run by Richard Li, who has spoken out about Hong Kong independence and the pro-democracy movement.

Ossoff also received money from the Qatari-based Al Jazeera over the past two years. Ossoff has even gone as low to claim Loeffler campaigned with a Klansman because of a photo taken in a picture line.

On the subject of immigration, Ossoff has followed the typical progressive socialist line. This trust fund red diaper doper baby continues to push the debunked theory that President Trump was the one who separated families, knowing full well it was The Muslin-in-Chief Obama that started that process. And it was Obama who forced children into cages. He continually proclaims that stopping illegal aliens from swarming our country is a violation of their human right. Ossoff has vowed a complete amnesty for illegals who are in this country. Otherwise, following the law is no excuse for the damage people like Ossoff have done to the American middle class.

Take a close look at these two men who feel they are members of our country’s “elite” and deserve what they feel is owed them. Failure to vote for the patriots in this run-off should not be contemplated. Unless you like the lifestyles of Venezuela, Cuba, and other third-world countries, you need to vote. It will be the only way to keep the devil in Georgia from infiltrating our whole country. The progressive socialists are willing to go to war, are you?