Jogger is stopped by Covid marshal for ‘breathing heavily’ on run as police say exercise rules need to be TIGHTENED

  • Gary Purnell filmed incident showing a Covid marshal telling him to stop running
  • When asked why, the marshal said it was due to Mr Purnell’s ‘heavy breathing’ 
  • Forces in talks with ministers on how to make rules uniformly apply in England

Locked-down Britons are today questioning if the Covid crackdown has gone too far after a jogger was stopped by a marshal for ‘breathing heavily’.

Bizarre footage shows a perplexed jogger being collared by a ‘Covid marshal’ while on a riverside run in west London.

Asked why he is being stopped, the jogger is told by the high-vis wearing security guard: ‘Because you are breathing heavily’.

Baffled Gary Purnell, who filmed the incident, described it as ‘the craziest thing in the world’. 

But council chiefs have today defended the decision. Hammersmith and Fulham Council leader Stephen Cowan said he would ‘offer no apology’ for discouraging joggers from using the riverside walk at peak-times.

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