July 1992
Jesus will return on October 22, 1844
–William Miller
Jesus will return on September 28, 1992
–Dorothy Miller

1992 is witnessing a plethora of attempts to set the date for the rapture. Most of these schemes use the Fall Feasts of Israel’s annual seven feast cycle in some way to set the month and day of the rapture. Then they may use cycles of feasts combined with other schemes to arrive at the year, usually 1992 or 1993. Some of the dates I have seen suggested include August 1992; September 8, 1992;

September 28, 1992 (the most popular); October 28, 1992; Fall 1993. Last week Hal Lindsey told me that date-setting fever has swept through the Christian community in Korea advocating September 28, 1992. As a result, Lindsey’s prophecy books have been banned from many bookstores because they are viewed as heretical since he does not follow their date-setting scheme. This is very interesting in light of some of Lindsey’s American critics who keep insisting, in spite of Lindsey’s documented denials, that he is a date-setter. In Korea he is considered a heretic because in reality he is not a date-setter.

Most of us remember the stir created by the dogmatic assertions of Edgar Whisenant and his booklet 88 Reasons Why The Rapture Will Be In 1988, not one of them true. Much of his rationale revolved around his use of Israel’s feasts. I wrote against his views during that time [See “Dispensationalism, Date-Setting and Distortion,” Biblical Perspectives, (Sep/Oct 1988; Vol I, No 5)]. In this article I want to explain why I think this current round of date-setting is equally invalid.


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