Israel approves residency for 4,000 Palestinians, after 10-year freeze

Move was first announced this summer as part of Defense Minister Gantz’s effort to strengthen Palestinian Authority

Israel announced on Tuesday it had officially legalized the status of 4,000 Palestinians, mostly in the West Bank, following a decade-long freeze in which almost no such requests were authorized.

The move was part of the government’s ongoing effort — led by Defense Minister Benny Gantz — to strengthen the Palestinian Authority. Senior PA official Hussein al-Sheikh said in a statement that the names of those approved would be announced later on Tuesday.

Israel’s military liaison to the Palestinians, known officially as the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, said that 1,200 undocumented Palestinians would receive identity cards. Another 2,800 Palestinians registered as Gazans would receive a change of address entitling them to live in the West Bank.


The Palestinians in question live in West Bank areas where the Palestinian Authority has limited self-rule, and they will carry identity cards emblazoned with the PA’s winged eagle.

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