Is this the ‘person’ claiming to solve your problems? Robots posing as humans now answer up to 85% of customer queries online… and they can make you blow a fuse

The chances are high that ‘Ann’ was not a real person and was, instead, a chatbot — an automated answering service which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to read written messages, calculate what a customer wants, then answer their questions.Automated chat services are usually accessed via a pop-up on the company’s website or through messaging on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Live chat channels can be manned by real people, but chatbots are increasingly common. 

They could be involved in up to 85 per cent of all our customer service interactions with companies, according to U.S. technology firm Gartner.

Their use has become far more widespread as companies struggle to keep up with a surge in enquiries from customers during the pandemic, at a time when many have fewer staff manning their call centres due to social distancing rules.

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