Iran warns its ‘peaceful’ nuclear program could change if it’s ‘backed into a corner’

Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said the country’s nuclear program is peaceful, and it will be the fault of others if it is pushed towards the path of creating nuclear weapons.

“The leadership [of Iran] has explicitly stated that the production of nuclear weapons is against Sharia law, and the Islamic Republic forbids it, but if a cat gets backed [into a] corner, it may act as it wouldn’t have acted while free,” Alavi said, as cited by Iranian media.

If they push Iran in this direction, it won’t be the fault of Iran, but the fault of those who have pushed Iran.

At the same time, Alavi said Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful and the country does not have plans or intentions to build nuclear weapons in “normal circumstances.” He also stated that the US must immediately lift the sanctions against Iran and compensate the losses from the “illegal” restrictions.

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