Investigative reporter says government’s aggressive COVID-19 vaccination campaign is a PSYOP

Experts are wondering if the American government’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a psychological operation (PSYOP).

David Marks, an investigative reporter writing for the Children’s Health Defense, was one of the first to notice the similarities between the way the federal government is aggressively pushing for vaccinations and PSYOP.

According to Marks, the campaign to get people to agree to take the experimental and deadly vaccines is “manipulation of citizens on a grander scale than any effort in recent history.” (Related: Government sponsored experiments to craft the best pro-vaccine messages FIVE MONTHS before COVID-19 vaccines became available.)

Marks pointed out that a lot of the messaging regarding the COVID-19 vaccines is painting vaccine skeptics as the enemy of the vaccinated. This is despite the fact that the position of those who are hesitant to take the experimental, rushed and deadly vaccines is “neither the result of mass hypnosis nor cult-like programming, [but] rather an exercise in freedom of speech and choice.”

“A large majority of the unvaccinated have reviewed information and statistics from a range of sources, that either support or contradict government policy,” wrote Marks. “They have made choices based on concerns about efficacy and risks, but are open to engaging in debate.”

In contrast, the most vocal opponents of vaccine skeptics among the general populace deem the information they have received from the government and mainstream media outlets to be unassailable.

“They are willing to accept a filtered version of data, and staunchly refuse to look at any material that might cause doubt about their decisions or challenge authoritative mandates,” he said. “They refuse to engage in debate.”

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