“In 48 hours we can bring to an end the worst government in the history of the country.

In 48 hours we’ll vote on a law to disperse the Knesset,” Lapid said.

He called on Blue and White, which he ran with during three election campaigns but split from over Gantz’s decision to join a Netanyahu-led government, to stop being “accomplices” of the prime minister.

“You had good intentions, it didn’t work. Now it’s time to make amends,” Lapid said. “You’re not sitting in a unity government but in a bloated, corrupt government that’s causing incredible damage to the Israeli economy. Infection rates are increasing again… We need a government that will work for the citizens of Israel.”

Science Minister Izhar Shay from Blue and White said on Thursday that there was a “good chance” his party would vote in favor of the motion of no confidence in the government, toppling the coalition and setting the country formally on the path to new elections.

Gantz has refused to say if Blue and White will support the bill. His party has been reportedly weighing putting forward its own bill to disperse the Knesset to avoid handing Yesh Atid credit for the move. Lapid’s bill would likely fail without Blue and White’s support.

Yamina MK Ayelet Shaked has said that her right-wing religious party would support Lapid’s bill to disband the Knesset, with the government appearing to be teetering on the brink of collapse anyway.

Shaked said last week that her party was now “a leadership alternative” to Likud, and said people were tired of “the failing parties currently running the country.” Yamina leader Naftali Bennett “is able, worthy and needs to be the next prime minister,” she declared.

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