Hunter Biden Memoir Among Mounting Evidence of Gun Law Violations

As President Joe Biden and his Department of Justice concoct new firearm restrictions for ordinary law-abiding Americans, pampered elites can rest assured that the government has no intention of holding them to account for violating these new, or even existing, gun control measures. This was made clear by the federal government’s response to and potential attempted cover-up of a firearm incident involving Joe Biden’s drug user son Hunter, as reported in a March 25 Politico article. Now with the recent release of Hunter’s memoir, “Beautiful Things,” there is mounting evidence to suggest that the president’s ne’er-do-well son was “an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance” at the time he purchased and possessed a .38-caliber revolver in October 2018.

To be clear, NRA does not assert that Hunter engaged in any criminal conduct. This is something that would have to be investigated by federal prosecutors and proved in a court of law. In contrast to President Biden’s plans for gun owners, all those accused of illegal conduct should be afforded due process under the law.

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