He Was Acquitted Of Raping A Young Teen He Coached. Now He’s Suing The City And Police Department.

August 2019, Kali Watkins was found not guilty of raping a 14-year-old girl in a locker room. Now Watkins, a former Webster Central School District girl’s basketball coach, is suing the city and police department that investigated, alleging the entire event was a coordinated attack against him by critics.

WHAM reported that Watkins alleges in his lawsuit that he was “the target of an investigation driven by personal animosity by those in the Webster Police Department and the school district for which he worked, alleging his coaching style, grudges over personal relationships and racism may all have played roles in what unfolded.”

“From its inception, the ‘investigation’ that dragged Kali Watkins through the mud was biased and tainted with animus,” Watkins says in the lawsuit. “It was spearheaded by a conflicted police department and corrupted by a school district whose own superintendent had a malicious personal vendetta against Watkins.”

The lawsuit alleges that police didn’t interview witnesses who could defend Watkins, specifically, other girls on the JV girl’s basketball coach.

“No other players were questioned by (police). This, despite the fact that these girls spent every single game with (Watkins) and the Accuser,” the lawsuit says. “These girls would have been in the best position to provide detailed facts concerning the alleged timeframe, the daily routine of players on game days, the behavior of the Accuser and Plaintiff and the use and access to the locker room.”

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