Harvard Medical School: Reparations Would Have Made Louisiana Blacks Act More Like South Koreans During Pandemic

From Harvard Medical School:

Anti-Racist Epidemiology
Research suggests reparations for slavery could have reduced COVID-19 infections and deaths in U.S.
By JAKE MILLER February 10, 2021 Research

This article is part of Harvard Medical School’s continuing coverage of medicine, biomedical research, medical education and policy related to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the disease COVID-19.

Civil rights activists have long called for monetary reparations to the Black descendants of Africans enslaved in the United States as a financial, moral, and ethical form of restitution for the injustices of slavery.

Now, a study led by Harvard Medical School researchers suggests reparations could also have surprising public health benefits for Black individuals and the entire nation.

To estimate the impact of structural inequities between Black and white individuals, the researchers set out to capture the effect of reparation payments on the Black-white wealth gap in the state of Louisiana.

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