Haredi party chiefs: Jewish state in danger if wicked Bennett succeeds Netanyahu

In assault on PM-designate, Litzman says Yamina leader should remove his kippa, Deri says he’ll ‘destroy Shabbat, conversion, kashrut’; Bennett dismisses ‘hysterical outburst’

In a joint press conference Tuesday afternoon, the heads of the Haredi political parties Shas and United Torah Judaism launched a stunning assault on the leader of the Yamina party and prime minister-designate, Naftali Bennett.

With the so-called change government set to be sworn in on Sunday and the ultra-Orthodox headed for the opposition, Haredi leaders branded Bennett as “wicked” and claimed his new government’s policies would endanger the Jewish state.

Bennett, who is set to become Israel’s first Orthodox prime minister, dismissed the attack as embarrassing and unhinged, a “hysterical outburst,” and vowed he would safeguard religious life in the country.

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