Grandma, Two Parents Arrested At School Board Meeting Following Release Of Alleged Pedophile Principal

A concerned grandmother and two other parents from a New York school district were arrested and charged with trespassing and banned from attending a school board meeting on October 26, days after a school principal who allegedly molested dozens of schoolboys was released from jail by posting bail.

Former Northwood Elementary School Principal Kirk Ashton from the Hilton Central School District is still being paid by the district despite being hit with dozens of charges related to child sex crimes. Superintendent Casey Kosiorek sent an email to parents last month saying there would be “additional security present outside Northwood” on the day of Ashton’s release.

Parents with concerns ranging from Ashton, their children’s curriculum, COVID-19 restrictions, and recent disciplinary actions from the district showed up to the Hilton Central School District school board meeting to have their voices heard and their questions answered.

Instead, they were denied in-person access to the meeting, kicked out to a school parking lot where they were met with sheriff’s deputies, allegedly smeared as “insurrectionists” by security — an accusation the district has called “erroneous” — and three of them were arrested and charged with trespassing, one of whom was followed home and ticketed by deputies after they agreed to let her go home to take medicine.

The school board meeting was held behind closed doors that evening. No parents were allowed to attend in-person.

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