Google reelected Obama in 2012 as a “thank you” for letting the company become a monopoly

by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Nearly a decade ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had in its possession overwhelming evidence that Google was engaged in illegal market distortion and other monopolistic behavior. The agency chose to do nothing, however, due to pressure from Barack Obama, whom Google handily rewarded for the favor by reelecting him.


The FTC could have put an end to Google’s reign of terror against free speech and free markets back in 2012 had Obama not interfered with the process. All the censorship, election rigging, and advertising manipulation would have ceased had the FTC been encouraged to do its job.

Instead, Obama goaded the FTC to turn a blind eye to Google’s crimes. Leaked documents obtained by Politico show that the FTC closed its investigation into Google in early 2013, right when Obama was beginning his second term.

William Kovacic, a former FTC chair under President George W. Bush, pored through the more than 300 pages of leaked documents and determined that his former agency overlooked or ignored “what many experts and regulators would consider clear antitrust violations.”

Kovacic says the specificity of the issues outlined in the documents are truly “breathtaking,” which makes the FTC do-nothing response to it all the more disturbing.

“In short, where we find ourselves today – with Google as the primary filter of the world’s information, engaging in a network of exclusionary contracts and anti-competitive conduct, and subject to an antitrust lawsuit led by the Department of Justice and joined by 48 state attorneys general – could have, and should have, been avoided,” writes Rachel Bovard for The Federalist.

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