Google and Facebook might influence other companies to mandate vaccines

Workplace vaccine mandates have so far been rare outside of the healthcare industry.  (Related: Vaccine mandates in healthcare industry are growing, and they are expected to accelerate once FDA grants full approval.)

But with their recent announcements, Google and Facebook have become the largest private corporations in the U.S. to coerce their employees to get vaccinated with the threat of unemployment. This comes on the heels of similar mandates being introduced in recent days by federal and local governments.

Local, state and federal governments are working with private corporations to implement vaccine mandates to boost vaccination rates. The U.S.’s vaccination rate has stalled in recent days, with around 49 percent of the country fully vaccinated, and another eight percent having received the first dose.

Many private entities are hesitant to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations because such requirements can prompt costly employee lawsuits and trigger difficult confrontations with non-compliant staff.

But Google and Facebook are big tech companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars each. Larger companies like these are less likely to be deterred by the possibility of being sued in court.

Other tech giants are already mandating vaccinations. Twitter said earlier this week that its workers that come into work in its New York and San Francisco offices need to be fully vaccinated and present proof using vaccine passports.

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