Goodbye And Good Riddance To 2020 – Celebrate New Years Wisely While Preparing Judiciously Because 2021 Has The Potential To Make 2020 Feel Like A Cakewalk

By Susan Duclos
All News PipeLine

It is so easy to look back on 2020 and pray that 2021 will be better, and for some, maybe it will be because they refuse to see the tyranny, the dictatorial actions of their party leaders.

By the time they wake up enough to realize what is happening, their freedoms will be gone already.

For those already awake, and perhaps not quite in the mood to celebrate, maybe consider that we need to celebrate what we can, when we can, because no one knows what 2021 will bring.

While we might not know what the new year will bring, we have enough clues, public statements and ongoing violations of our constitutional rights, to get the big picture of what is coming, and it isn’t pleasant.

I know, I know, that certainly doesn’t sound like celebratory thought, which is exactly why we need to take News Years Eve, and News Years Day, and truly celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

Many ANP readers are preppers, to a certain extent, so most reading this right now, won’t be worried about starving in the coming year.

Preppers are also prepared for much more than the average citizen, including medical supplies, food stores, water, generators, etc….so, much of the expected hardships of 2021, especially if Joe Biden takes office, which is much more likely than not, won’t be felt by many of us, because we have spent years preparing.

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