Good-bye American Liberty

Yesterday I pointed out that no facts known at this time support a Covid passport.

The Establishment is not interested in facts and has no need of them. The Establishment has the presstitute lie machine.  It creates whatever reality the Establishment wants us to live in.

Nevertheless, some facts are just overwhelming.  Consider Florida.  Long a retirement state, it is a state with a large proportion of elderly and overweight people.  For the past year Florida has not been under lockdown or a mask mandate. The state is wide open.  Consequently, one would think that Florida would have the hightest number of Covid deaths per 100,000 population.

But that is not the case.  Florida’s 154 Covid deaths per 100,000 is in the middle of the 50 states ranking.  New Jersey, a lockdown state, has a deaths per 100,000 almost twice Florida’s at 1.78 times.  Lockdowned New York’s deaths are 1.66 times higher than Floridas.  Lockdowned Massachusetts and Rhode Island Covid deaths are 1.60 times higher than Florida’s.

These numbers are from the official data. The conclusion is that Florida, an open state with an elderly and overweight population without dockdown and mask mandates—conditions that according to the medical bureaucrats should have produced the leading high death rate—is in the middle of the pack.

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