From car crashes to plane delays, cicadas wreaking havoc by the billions

Vincent Bingham wasn’t bothered by cicadas — the large, noisy insects that have been reemerging by the billions in large swaths of the United States after 17 years underground.

That is, until one of the buggers flew into his driver’s side window while he was on his way home from work earlier this week.


“I didn’t have AC in the car so I had my windows down,” Bingham, of New Richmond, Ohio, told ABC News. “I was halfway home, I was just driving, and one of the cicadas just came flying and smacked me right in the face. … It was out of nowhere.”

The 20-year-old swerved his car into a pole, smashing it enough to total it, he said. The Cincinnati Police Department tweeted about the Monday crash with the hashtag, “nothinggoodhappenswithcicadas.”

Bingham has since started a GoFundMe in hopes of raising money to help buy a new car, which was towed away with the culprit cicada crawling around near the back seat, he said.

“It didn’t bother me that much before. I would pick them up and I would throw them in my sister’s hair,” he said. “But now, it messed up a lot of stuff.”

“It sucks so much,” added Bingham, who was able to walk away from the crash unscathed, save for some bruises.

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