Former MSNBC host Toure says its OK to punch an old man to death if he calls you the ‘n-word’

After a 77-year-old was killed in Florida, Toure took to Twitter and suggested using racial slurs essentially deserved a death sentence. Does he not realize that a world where speech is violence would lead to societal collapse?

Racism is evil, and racism has led to a great many tragedies within the United States. No sane man enjoys hearing about it happening. However, the comments and nasty language that accompanies hatred cannot be an excuse for violence. That is, unless you’re former MSNBC host Toure Neblitt. He thinks that if you hurl a racial epithet at someone they have every right to kill you where you stand. And why are they allowed to take a life? Because in Toure’s mind words are violence. 

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