Florida is throwing the “tea in the harbor” by denying vaccine passports and nullifying all the plandemic tyranny rules of the Marxist DC Democrats

Just say no to chemical violence and medical violence. Don’t be coerced into getting the Chinese Flu vaccines that contain experimental mRNA technology when the whole vaccine industry in this country has already dished out over $4 billion in damages to its victims, dead and alive. If you believe the vaccine industry is out to save you from disease and disorder, you are gravely mistaken.

The entire state of Florida is quite aware of this, and that’s exactly why Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis (R) just announced he’s taking EXECUTIVE ACTION against these tyrannical China Flu (Covid-19) vaccine passports.

DeSantis signs executive order PROHIBITING use of purported Covid-19 vaccine passports

The SS Police of America are beginning the Nazi-style “let’s see your papers” campaign where if you haven’t been polluted with mRNA bioweapons technology, inserted via vaccines, then you can’t travel anywhere, anymore. But it’s not working out so well for them. Florida just said no. No dice. Not happening here. DeSantis has a main goal of protecting Floridians from dirty vaccines. What does Governor DeSantis know about vaccines that you don’t?

These protections are about to be permanent also, as DeSantis begins signing them into law with the Legislature. Meanwhile, the Biden Regime and their CCP controllers are full-on attempting to launch “vaccine passports” nationwide, and prohibit any American from flying anywhere without their Nazi-style vaccine passports. It’s dirty politics piled on dirty medicine piled on a population reduction master plan.

Want to travel on an airplane? Get injected with the immune-system-controlling mRNA vaccine series, but don’t be surprised when the Bill Gates inoculation and Covid-22 wipes out all the vaccine victims.

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