Fertilizer plants are shutting down, leaving global food supply on the brink of collapse

The world’s food supply is being systematically deconstructed in the name of fighting the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Fertilizer plants, we are told, must be shut down because of global warming or the virus or something. Consequently, farmers are increasingly unable to grow food for a hungry planet.

As we reported, CF Industries Holdings Inc. is halting operations, supposedly due to high natural gas prices. These high prices are apparently a result of inflation, which is supposedly due to the Chinese Virus (as opposed to a corrupt fiat currency Ponzi scheme that has been abused by the criminal “elite” to enrich themselves for more than a century).

With no estimated timeline for production to resume, farmers in Europe are no longer able to grow enough food for the continent. And due to “contagion,” as they are calling it, North America and other regions of the world can probably expect the same very soon.

Back in the summer, U.K. human rights activist Gurcharan Singh warned about a coming wave of fresh lockdowns, which criminal governments will blame on the Chinese Virus. Once people are stuck at home the next time, a full famine followed by mass starvation will ensue.

“At the time, he warned that if governments were allowed to lock the people down again, their intention would be to starve the people, just like Mussolini did,” warned Tim Brown, writing for DC Clothesline.

“We are seeing the dominoes falling one by one in a manufactured crisis over a ‘virus’ that has yet to even be proven to exist. The latest domino to fall is that a major European fertilizer producer has closed its manufacturing plants due to high energy costs. What impact will this have on crops, and will it have an impact on food scarcity?”

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