Fauci The Greatest Liar in Gov’t in History

In my entire career of dealing with governments around the world, NEVER in my 50 years have I EVER encounter such a bureaucrat that is such a blatant liar who is putting the entire health of humanity up at risk for it is IMPOSSIBLE to believe anything this pretend doctor Anthony Fauci who has not seen a patient since 1968. In fact, after completing his medical residency in 1968, Fauci immediately joined the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a clinical associate. So he has never had a patient and has NEVER had to look into the eyes of someone. He is simply a professional liar and that is just amazing. Note, when world leaders and the Queen of England all gathered, there was no social distancing and no masks and they certainly did not quarantine for 2 weeks upon arriving. It is always two sets of rules (1) for the elite and (2) for us the Great Stupid Unwashed. He is now saying schools to mandate vaccines for children is a “good idea when the FDA has not approved this for children.

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