Fauci has a long history of threatening scientists, promising to destroy their careers if they don’t follow his twisted narrative on infectious disease

Last April, we reported that foreign scientists had uncovered AIDS insertions inside the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), pointing to it being an engineered bioweapon rather than a random act of nature. Now, we have more evidence showing that Tony Fauci threatened many of these scientists to withdraw their research or else he would try to destroy their careers.

Great Game India was among the first to publish some of these studies, which drew such intense criticism that the authors ended up retracting them. Since that time, leaked Fauci emails show that it was Fauci himself who issued threats against these scientists, stifling their important work.

It turns out that Fauci knows a thing or two about AIDS, having worked with it heavily back in the 1980s in hot pursuit of an AIDS vaccine. Over the years, Fauci has pushed many other vaccines, all of them failures, and is once again doing the same thing with the Chinese Virus.

When it became clear that the plandemic narrative was starting to crack thanks to the work of outside independent researchers, Fauci leapt into action and put a stop to it. Fauci is not on the side of science, in other words, but is rather determined to force his own nefarious agenda.

“Last year a group of Indian scientists discovered that coronavirus was engineered with AIDS-like insertions,” tweeted Prashant Bhushan, a public interest lawyer and activist who has committed his life to doing what is just, fair and in the public interest, “regardless of immediate fallout.”

“Now, Fauci Emails reveal that it was Dr. [sic] Anthony Fauci himself who threatened the Indian scientists and forced them to withdraw their study!”