Fauci deserves a lengthy prison sentence for his crimes against humanity

The scientists threatened by Fauci had essentially blown the lid on the scam, revealing that the Wuhan Flu was purposely engineered by Fauci and his minions to be unleashed as a bioweapon. Naturally, Fauci did not want that information going public.

French Nobel Laureat Luc Montagnier confirmed that, yes, the Chinese Virus contains AIDS-like insertions that never could have occurred naturally. They were more than likely put there by researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), who were paid by Fauci with American taxpayer dollars to conduct illegal gain of function research.

“Batwoman” Shi Zhengli, one of Fauci’s co-conspirators, was also visibly upset about the revelations, having also threatened the scientists who uncovered them to “shut their stinking mouths” or else pay a price.

Fauci, Shi and other medical fascists have truly been acting like the mob with their endless threats and thwarting of real science. The good news is that all is now coming to light, and the hope is that these career criminals will one day face the justice they deserve.

We also now have evidence in the form of another email showing that Fauci was told last March precisely how the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “was created.” A research partner named Adam Gaertner gave Fauci a play-by-play about how mad scientists put it all together, and still Fauci stood before the world and lied about everything for an entire year.

Fauci was also told by leading infectious disease expert Kristian Andersen that the Indian studies exposing the AIDS-like features of the Chinese Flu did, in fact, make a strong case about its bioengineered nature. Fauci proceeded to ignore both of these men while peddling the fake narrative that the virus came from bats at a wet market.

The true depths of Fauci’s criminality grow deeper by the day. To keep up with the latest, check out Tyranny.news.

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