Exclusive Series: Biden’s Foreign Policy History and What it Portends for his Presidency

Vice President Biden and his wife Jill at a ceremony in Bogotá honoring Colombian soldiers. (May 26, 2013) [Source: cancilleria.gov.co]

Biden Series Part 1: The Forgotten Story of How Joe Biden Helped Ramp Up the War on Drugs in Colombia

[Editors Note: As factions of the U.S. political elite grapple with the waning days of the Trump presidency, one cannot help but be left with a sense of irony. From election meddling—whether it be legalized bribery (lobbying), disenfranchisement and gerrymandering at home—to lethal interference abroad, including violent regime-change operations, war and other overt and covert assaults on foreign soil, the power elite capitalist class under Republican and Democratic banners engage in and/or support similar and often worse heinous activities on a regular basis.

While front-line soldiers are often tormented for decades by the horrors they experience in endless wars conducted by the U.S. government—not to mention the hundreds of thousands who have been maimed and/or lost their lives—the political elite in the U.S. is not known to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) because they are, perhaps in their own minds, too far removed from the scene. The events of January 6 seem to have left factions with a taste of their own medicine.

Notwithstanding, newly-elected president Biden characteristically does not appear to be haunted by any of his past actions; rather he is often boastful about policies that caused great misery. In this exclusive series of articles reviewing Biden’s positions on U.S. foreign policy, Kuzmarov focuses on some of the skeletons in Biden’s political closet.

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