EXCLUSIVE: Covid cases are falling in EVERY age group in England and fastest in 20-somethings in ‘very good’ sign that third wave has been beaten as daily cases drop for the SEVENTH day in a row

  • EXCLUSIVE: Department of Health data shows Covid cases are now falling in every age group in England
  • They are dropping fastest among adults in their twenties, by around 15 per cent in a day
  • And are also falling among over-80s who have all received at least two doses of the Covid vaccineCoronavirus cases are now falling across all age groups, according to official data which boosts hopes that the end of England’s third wave may now be in sight.

    Top scientists advising the Government warned it was ‘almost inevitable’ daily infections would spiral to 100,000 next month, with one even warning they could reach double this figure.

    But in an unexpected twist which has puzzled scientists, cases have actually fallen every day for the past week — with yesterday’s count being just half of what it was a week ago.


    Department of Health data today revealed that infection rates are now ticking downwards in every age group in England, dipping fastest among twenty-somethings.

    Experts said the downturn in cases was a ‘very good’ sign because it adds to mounting evidence that the third wave is in retreat. But they cautioned more data was needed before they could be certain the drop is permanent, and cases won’t tick up again following July 19 ‘Freedom Day’.

    In another glimmer of hope, researchers also believe England’s hospitalisations will start to fall by the end of the week — mirroring a similar trend as seen in Scotland.

    Figures show admission rates are already falling in Scotland, where cases began to drop around eight days after the country’s football team were knocked out of Euro 2020. Likewise, England’s drop in Covid infections began on July 19 — eight days after the Three Lions lost on penalties in an historic final against Italy.   

    Several members of SAGE have said a fall in Covid admissions would mark the beginning of the end of the third wave. But the number of infected patients needing medical care is still rising — albeit at a slower rate than it was.

    It comes after a senior Government minister last night claimed Covid’s grip on the UK was ‘all over bar the shouting’. Pointing to the consistent declining trend in infections, they added: ‘Covid is on the point of becoming something you live with.’

    But SAGE modeller Professor Mike Tildesley today said the pandemic isn’t all over ‘quite yet’ and warned the effects of Freedom Day are still yet to be seen in the data.

    Boris Johnson said it was ‘too early’ to draw conclusions about the fall in the number of people testing positive for the virus.

    It came as Britain recorded another 27,734 Covid cases today, down 37 per cent in a week for the seventh day in a row. But hospitalisations still rose and deaths increased by a quarter week-on-week. 

    In other Covid news:

    • Ministers backed dropping quarantine rules for fully-vaccinated travellers from the EU and US today, as well as expats who received their inoculations abroad;
    • And announced cruise holidays will be back on the cards from next month, allowing Britons to again board ships bound for popular European holiday destinations;
    • It came as angry Britons continued flying to Spain today despite warnings the country could be moved to the ‘amber-plus’ list leaving them facing 10-day quarantine upon their return;
    • Amid Britain’s Covid cases continuing to fall SAGE advisers said the crisis hasn’t ended ‘quite yet’ adding the seven days of falling cases could be down to people being unwilling to get tested for their holidays; 
    • Office for National Statistics report today found Covid survivors who get re-infected have lower viral loads than when they first became unwell, which may help stop the virus from spreading;
    • And NHS England to get its first ever female boss after Departing chief executive Sir Simon Stevens’ deputy beats former Test and Trace boss Dido Harding to the top role.

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