Leaked Documents Reveal Cases of Adverse Reactions to Chinese-Made COVID-19 Vaccines.

An April 8 document titled “Statistical Table of Adverse Reactions of COVID-19 Vaccines” issued by Laishui County’s community health center in Baoding City in northern China’s Hebei province shows that local people injected with Chinese-made vaccines have experienced various adverse reactions, such as rashes, fever, nausea, diarrhea, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

Another document issued by the office of Baoding Municipal Leadership Team for Response to the Epidemic on March 3 recorded a case of a local resident who was quarantined by the authorities for 47 days after he was fully vaccinated.

According to the document, Sui, a resident in Lianchi District of Baoding City had received two doses of a Chinese-made vaccine in December 2020. Afterwards, he traveled to Germany in January. When he returned to Baoding on Jan.11, 2021, he was put under centralized quarantine.

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