Dutch Gov’t Won’t Bow to ‘Scum’ Rioters, Minister Says After 2nd Night of Anti-Lockdown Clashes

Police have said that almost 200 people were arrested on Sunday following violent protests, during which demonstrators set cars and bikes on fire, smashed windows in buildings and looted shops. In the municipality of Urk protesters set a coronavirus testing centre on fire.

The Dutch government will not bow to “scum” rioters, the country’s Finance Minister Woepke Hoekstra has said.

“You don’t capitulate to people who smash shop windows. That is not the case”, Hoekstra was quoted as saying by the Dutch news agency ANP.

The minister emphasised that the government does not plan to lift the curfew, which will be imposed until 9 February. “We are not going to capitulate before a few idiots”, Hoekstra told local media.

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