Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes (Or Pictures!) Says MSM To Americans As They ‘Fact Check’ Aka Lie About Empty Shelves Across America

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

ANP readers have been emailing us images of what they have been noticing in their local stores.

Empty shelves, whole sections with missing products, rising prices, limitations on purchases of toilet paper and paper towels, to name just a few of the troubling images we have been publishing, along with the states and/or city and the particular stores, showing the issues are across the board, not just limited to one chain or one state.

This piece isn’t about “new” images, but rather the ongoing series we have been publishing to document the shortages, shrinkflation (pay the same for less), Bidenflation, and the breakdown of the supply chain, and how the liberal MSM is now attempting to tell Americans to “not believe your lying eyes (or pictures!).

Note- The images in this article were shared on social media in response to the MSM’s “fact checks” AKA lies regarding the shortages in stores around the country.

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