Democrats’ election reform bill attacks anonymous political speech

Anonymous political speech allows a speaker to criticize government without fear of retribution from that same government.

On March 2, Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse posted a tweet in which he calls Jan. 6, the day pro-Trump rioters ransacked the Capitol, a “day that will live in infamy,” but adds that Jan. 8 “may prove to be a day of greater consequence.”

Backed by music likely deemed too depressing to be used in the film “Manchester by the Sea,” Whitehouse condemns a case accepted by the U.S. Supreme Court that will determine whether donors to nonprofit organizations have the right to keep their information private if those nonprofit groups engage in anything that resembles politics.

To prove his case, Whitehouse — who is fond of attending Senate hearings with elaborate charts alleging conspiracies between Republican elected officials and these types of nonprofits — says we should “look at the flock of dark money front groups” that urged the conservative-majority Supreme Court to take the case. On the tweeted video, he alleges that “dark money forces shepherded the last three justices onto the Supreme Court.”

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